Flight To Freedom

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Watching your child picking themselves apart with a broken heart?

Challenging behaviours in children need sensitive treatment. Are you faced with the heartbreaking situation of a hair pulling child or a child who skin-picks or bites themselves? Flight to Freedom can help with any manner of behavioural difficulties. This recording is comforting and relaxing, combining the power of positive story-telling and a soft, gentle voice.

Help your child to appreciate who they are and not try too hard to fit in. Childhood hair pulling is painful to watch and your natural desire to help sometimes just isn’t always enough.

This recording can be played as your little one sleeps, sifting gently into the subconscious and easing away challenging behaviours. Suitable for children up to 7 years old.

One of 50 feel-good recordings from Neovision, this one is recorded by Dr Neomie Da Costa, a BFRB and childcare specialist.

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