The Calm Collaboration Fiddle Ring

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Detail Image

Twiddleable, fiddlable and adjustable a classically styled beaded ring with Swarovski Crystal elements. One size fits all.

Hematite Star

The hematite star is reminiscent of one day or a week free of an unwanted behaviour. Hematite is a natural stone from a fusion of iron and mineral, which is said to build WILLPOWER, courage and confidence. It is also said to be a protective stone.

Strength in Numbers

You don't need to feel alone, we are complete together. We make our items by hand in our recovery workshops so that you can feel us
with you, holding your hands down and reassuring you that it will be ok and you can do it. We did it so YOU can too.

Charizma Communities nurture an ever-changing environment of education in the field of recovery.

Unity is our value; we all resist negative behaviours as a team. The volume of people we help to recover, means that
we are constantly discovering new
recovery techniques. We have won awards for our innovative use of mathematics and

Our goal is to foster your growth and promote the possibility and achievability of BFRB freedom for life.

Research is our passion, and we are at the cutting-edge of our field, discovering the latest information and sharing it online.

Every design is unique unless otherwise stated in the listing, and this is another wonderful perk of our work.
We are all volunteers, eager to help you on your journey to recovery.

Whether you're purchasing an item to say that you believe in yourself, or booking a
coaching session by email, telephone or on
Skype or Facetime, you are guaranteed someone who has recovered from your condition, with an unparalleled level of
understanding and guidance. One coach per person means you don't need to constantly repeat your story or receive
computerised responses.

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