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If you've had your single session and are ready to start a course, or if you wanted to jump straight in, our most popular is the Paced Program. As a result we've created different options to suit different budgets and contact preferences.

This course lasts a year to enable us to teach you everything you need to conquer trich now and in the future when you've left coaching. It's delivered via e-mail, Skype or a combination, with goals and tasks, teaching you therapeutic techniques. Although the course is a year long, you can of course leave at any time.

Length: 1 Year
E-mails: 1 treatment e-mail. 1 response e-mail as needed. Per week.
Skype/Phone: None
Payment Cycle: Monthly
Cost: £50/month
What's covered? CBT, habit reversal therapy, managing setbacks, urge reduction techniques, daily reports to track pulling, triggers, hormone levels, diet etc

Trichotillomania Support offers treatment services to enable Trichotillomania sufferers to become pull-free. Our coaching programs have been formulated specifically to treat Trich and are delivered by coaches who are themselves pull-free. An aftercare program is also available to service users upon successful completion of treatment. Please
get in touch
if you have any questions.

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